Services & Reports


The Mayflower Police Department offers the following services:

  • Police Reports: $10.00
  • Copy of Photographs: $2.00 per page
  • Digital Copy: $20.00 (includes report and any photos – provided on a flash drive)
  • Fingerprints:
    • Card must be provided by person to be printed
    • Monday – Thursday, 8:00 AM to 3:45 PM
      • $10.00 fee for service

Private Property Accidents

The Mayflower Police Department responds to calls for service based on the priority level of each individual call received. Calls involving violence, injury, or the possible threat of injury are assigned a higher priority. Currently, private property accidents that do not involve injury, major damage, or the possibility of violence between the involved parties receive a very low priority rating. These circumstances often cause those involved in such accidents to wait an extended amount of time for an officer to respond. This new service will prove to be beneficial and cost efficient to involved citizens, tax payers, and the police department.

If an accident occurs on private property, such as a parking lot, and the following conditions exist, the involved parties will no longer have to wait for a uniformed officer to respond and complete a report:  the private property accident results in no injury, minimal damage (less than $1,000.00 in damage), and the involved parties are civil.

If the above criteria is met, please complete the Private Property Accident Report Form below and return it via e-mail to If you should have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the police department at (501) 470-1000.

Open Records Request

Certain types of information are available from the Mayflower Police Department under the Freedom of Information Act ( Open Records Request must be submitted in writing. Requests are not accepted by phone. Please complete the form below and allow approximately 10 business days for processing.

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