Meet Our School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer Tim Lassiter

Personal Message from Officer Lassiter

“Hi! I am Officer Tim Lassiter. I am an Arkansas Native and have been in Law Enforcement for several years. I have a passion for Law Enforcement and serving our communities. Through being active in our communities and schools, it is my hope that we, together, can bridge the gap between Law Enforcement and our citizens. I believe the first step, is building relationships with Communication & Accessibility. One of my top priorities for our schools and community is SAFETY!!”

SRO Responsibilities

  1. Provide a program of law and education related issues to the school community, including parents, on such topics as tobacco, alcohol, and other drug issues, and in addressing violence diffusion, violence prevention, and other safety issues in the school community.
  2. Act as a communication liaison with law enforcement agencies having an interest or concerning students on campuses served by the officer.
  3. Provide informational in-services and be a resource for the staff on issues related to alcohol, and other drugs, violence prevention, gangs, safety, and security.
  4. The officer will gather information regarding potential problems such as criminal activity, gang activity, and student unrest, and attempt to identify particular individuals who may be a disruptive influence to the school or students.
  5. When a crime occurs, the officer will take the appropriate action consistent with Arkansas State Law.
  6. The officer will present educational programs to students and school staff as determined necessary.
  7. The officer will refer students or their families to the appropriate agencies for assistance when a need is determined.
  8. Unless the officer’s opinion or the circumstances prevent it, the officer will attempt to advise the school principal before taking legal action, subject to the officer’s duties under the law.
  9. The SRO will not act as a school disciplinarian, nor make recommendations regarding school discipline.

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